Jealousy Pushes Officer Justin and Jeffery Too Far

Season 4 Episode 408
Aired on 02/21/2017 | CC tv-14
After receiving a text from Wyatt asking for help, Jeffery and Officer Justin rush over to his loft where they find Wyatt being held hostage. Justin calls for backup and the police swiftly take La Quita and her accomplice away.

Wyatt is still in the throes of drug withdrawal and begs Jeffery to stay with him. Justin, seeing how the two men are interacting, quickly becomes enraged. He gives Jeffery an ultimatum: It's either him or Wyatt.

"He's not gay!" Jeffery shouts.

"Then why's he grabbing you like that?" Justin yells back, pushing Jeffery.

Justin demands that Jeffery leave with him and tries to force him out the door. Punches are thrown and Wyatt rushes over to help his friend. He hurls himself at Justin, knocking him to the ground. The impact sends his gun sliding across the floor.

Jeffery quickly acts on instinct. He picks up the gun and points it at Justin. He finally has the upper hand—until a second police officer walks into the room.

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