Is Jeffery Finally Done with Justin?

Season 5 Episode 532
Aired on 10/30/2018 | CC tv-14
After witnessing his father endure yet another medical emergency, Jeffery is really on edge. He waits in the hospital for updates on David, and keeping him company is Justin, who tries to comfort Jeffery by offering him something to drink. However, Justin's presence is unwanted.

"I'm trying to be nice," Justin tells him. Justin keeps trying to give Jeffery the drink, a coffee cup which he claims contains liquor, but Jeffery continues to decline. "I think you need to take a drink of this," Justin says handing the cup over to Jeffery.

"No. I'm thinking about my dad right now, and I don't have time for this," Jeffery replies firmly.

Justin presses on, but Jeffery reaches his boiling point. "I don't want the damn cup of coffee," he says, slapping the cup from Justin's hand. "Or whatever the hell it is."

Justin is caught off guard. "Jeffery, I was just—"

But, Jeffery cuts him off. "No. What you're doing is annoying the hell out of me," he says grabbing and shoving Justin. "Why don't you just get up out of here and just leave? Huh? Why don't you leave?"

Justin takes a moment to collect himself before he calmly answers, "Because I want to be here for you."

However, Jeffery knows that Justin isn't telling the whole truth. "You want to be here to watch me, you son of a bitch."

Jeffery demands that Justin leave, but Justin isn't going anywhere. "So you could be alone with him?"

"Who is him?"

"The little bitch nurse," Justin says, referring to Madison.

"That's it," Jeffery says, finally hitting his boiling point. "This is it. We've been going through this too much. I am done with your ass. Done. Completely."

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