"I Think She Tried to Kill Me"

Season 2 Episode 213
Aired on 06/30/2015 | CC tv-14
On the eve of Amanda's funeral, David wakes up to a house filled with smoke and narrowly escapes the blaze. After searching through the house for Veronica, he finds her calmly sitting on the porch outside, smoking a cigarette. When David asks whether she set the fire, Veronica coyly responds, "That's not all I've done, darling."

After hearing about the fire, Maggie rushes over to check on David and receives a very chilly reception from Veronica. Just as he convinces his campaign adviser to leave, the Cryers arrive at the scene. Sensing tension, Katheryn pulls Veronica aside to comfort her. As firefighters swarm about the Harringtons' property, David confides to Jim that he thinks Veronica is trying to kill him for having an affair with Maggie. Jim tries to comfort his running mate—but he only succeeds in adding to David's distress.

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