How David Harrington Grows Stronger Every Season

Season 4
Aired on 06/06/2017 | CC tv-14
David Harrington, a character on The Haves and the Have Nots, has always been the glue that holds things together, whether by bailing his partner out of his latest scheme or by standing by his controlling wife's side for the sake of keeping his family together. Now, however, David is coming into his own.

"David's relationships have evolved over the seasons," explains Peter Parros, the actor who portrays David. "I think first with Jim, they started off as friends and now they're frenemies. There's a lot of bad blood there now. Even with his wife, they started out very close. She was his sweetheart, but after his son came out, that just destroyed their relationship. I mean, she's tried to burn the house down, with David in it."

Peter says to expect to see David grow stronger as time goes on. "I think this season is about David in many ways coming into power, and I think there is a lot of strength that he has, coming up," he says.

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