Renee Lawless as Katheryn Cryer and Jaclyn Betham as Amanda Cryer

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Wyatt and Jeffery find Candace and Amanda, who are packing to go back to school. Candace urges Amanda again to tell her parents she wants to leave law school. "I think she should say something rather than be miserable all the time," she says, casting a glance at Jeffery.

With Candace by her side, Amanda confronts her mother. "I want to be a fashion designer," she says. "You're not upset?"

Katheryn turns sarcastic. "Why would I be upset? Three years of college you changed your major every semester. Several hundred thousand dollars down the drain," she says. "But no, I'm not upset."

Amanda tells her mother school is tough. "Then you suck it up," Katheryn says. "Every time things get rough, you want to run and hide. Well, not anymore."

Amanda storms out. "I'm going to talk to Dad," she says. "I'm sure he has an opinion about this."