John Schneider as Jim Cryer and Tika Sumpter as Candace Young

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Judge Jim Cryer, a prominent judge considering a run as the governor of Georgia, has just finished a tryst in his study with his mistress, Candace, who is demanding $100,000 and a sports car as blackmail to keep their relationship under wraps. "I want my money tomorrow, or I'm going to the news," she says.

"You're a law student; I'm sure you know that this is illegal," Jim says. "Karma's a bitch."

Candace says she's well aware of what karma is. "Like when a man meets a woman who is overweight. He's broke, comes from a broken family with no pedigree. All he wanted was to feel special," she says. "So, being the good-looking jock, he goes after the chubby, rich girl from the wealthy family. Although he has a few cheerleaders on the side, they marry."

Jim takes a drink as Candace continues. "She can't believe that she was the one he chose. But being so young, she didn't know that he was just trying to come up," she says. "They have two kids, and he realizes that this life is not all that he thought it would be, but by now he's in too deep. So, going through his midlife crisis, he meets a woman who is doing the same thing to him that he did to the fat girl."

Jim says Candace doesn't really know him. "What you don't know about me is what's most dangerous. I've had to deal with a lot of very bad people to get where I am. People far worse than you," he says. "You have no idea of the evil I'm capable of. I could make you disappear."

"So you're a magician?" Candace says.

"One of the very best," he says.

"So am I," she says. "I could make your career go bye-bye in the blink of an eye. Your time is running out."