Hanna Wins Custody of Her Grandson

Season 2 Episode 225
Aired on 09/22/2015 | CC tv-14
After Allyah informs Hanna that she's been given custody of Quincy Jr., Hanna reunites with her grandson at the hospital. Allyah hasn't told Candace about the decision yet; she wants Hanna to have the opportunity to take the child away without Candace's interference.

Quincy Jr. asks his grandmother whether they're going to her house.

"We're going on an adventure," she tells him.

Allyah is pleased to see Quincy Jr. in Hanna's loving hands, believing she will provide the most nurturing environment for the young boy. Allyah tells Hanna that her agency will need to conduct a site visit to see her living arrangements, and Hanna agrees to those terms—failing to disclose that she is now homeless.

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