Hanna Tells Benny That Candace Conned Him

Season 2 Episode 224
Aired on 09/15/2015 | CC tv-14
Hanna realizes that Candace was the one who bought Benny the house, and is furious with him for keeping the truth from her. Benny makes excuses for his sister, but Hanna knows Candace doesn't have a job and didn't get the house through legitimate means. Benny admits to finding out that Candace is unemployed, but he doesn't want to believe that she lied about the house.

Suddenly, it dawns on Hanna that Candace also bought Benny's tow yard, which Benny reluctantly confirms. Hanna is bitterly disappointed in her son—and she's stricken knowing that they've both become the victims of her daughter's underhanded scheming.

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