Hanna Is in Danger of Losing Quincy Jr.

Season 3 Episode 303
Aired on 01/19/2016 | CC
Hanna's one desire is to be able to protect her grandson, Quincy Jr., by remaining his legal guardian, but since her house burned down, she's in danger of losing him to the system. Quincy Jr.'s caseworker has become aware that Hanna and her grandson have been living in a cheap hotel since they lost the house. Legally, if Hanna cannot prove that she can provide a stable home for Quincy Jr., the state will take him away and place him with his mother or in foster care.

Time is running out, and Hanna wonders how she'll be able to secure a proper home for the young boy without a job and with a hemorrhaging bank account. To make matters worse, Quincy Jr. appears to be falling ill with a fever that has him drenched in sweat!

Was Quincy's threat to Candace about withholding his son's medication more than just a bluff?

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