Hanna Finds a Heart-Wrenching Letter from Her Grandson

Season 5
Aired on 01/16/2018 | CC tv-14
Hanna is still grieving the loss of her grandson when she is called back to the morgue. She is handed a bag filled with personal items found in young Quincy's pockets. Along with a few small toys and games, Hanna finds a piece of paper. She unfolds it and discovers a handwritten letter the little boy wrote to God. It reads:

God plese help granma To stop yelling at mother. and plese help mommy to B a bettr Person and come and take care of me and Love me like I love her.

Hanna is overcome by grief over Quincy's unanswered prayer. "I'm sorry, precious," she says as tears stream down her face. "I'm sorry."

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