Hanna Is Fed Up with the Cryers

Season 5 Episode 531
Aired on 10/23/2018 | CC tv-14
After things don't go as planned at the bank, Hanna goes to the Cryers and tells them that she was unable to wire their money back because Benny refused to sign. However, when Jim insultingly expresses his distrust in Hanna and threatens Benny, Hanna is livid. She storms out of the Cryer mansion, with Katheryn in hot pursuit.

Katheryn apologizes for Jim's behavior, but Hanna has had enough. "I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do my best to go and get him that money," Hanna tells her. "And then I'm gonna bring this car back, and I'm gonna get out of your house."

"No," Katheryn says. "Hanna, I am not him."

"But you are married to that son of a bitch, and he keeps threatening my son!" Hanna shouts.

Desperate, Katheryn continues to apologize to Hanna and promises to talk to Jim. She also assures Hanna that nothing will happen to Benny, but Hanna has made up her mind. As she gets into her car, she changes her mind and gives the keys back to Katheryn. "As a matter of fact, uh-uh. Here," Hanna says, removing her shoes.

"What are you doing?" Katheryn says.

"I don't want this car," Hanna says, pressing the keys into Katheryn's hands. "You take this car. You keep it. You keep it right now."

Katheryn tries to refuse, but Hanna doesn't budge. "I tell you what," Hanna continues. "I'm gonna be out your house at the end of the month."

As Hanna storms off with shoes in hand, Katheryn calls out after her. But Hanna keeps walking, and all Katheryn can do is watch in misery.

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