Erica Puts on an Expert Performance to Seduce David

Season 3 Episode 320
Aired on 08/16/2016 | CC tv-14
Erica is helping Candace retrieve her money from the cunning swindler Oscar by trying to get information from his boss: David. Erica and Candace believe the best course of action would be for Erica to play the damsel in distress in order to get to David's hopelessly romantic heart. Erica employs the help of her male friend, Lee, to play the part of a lying cheater who breaks her heart, at the bar, in front of David to get her prey's attention.

"You ready?" Erica asks him as David approaches.

"Yeah," replies her fake lover.

The two begin their fraudulent fight when Erica accuses the man of cheating on his wife with her. "You lied to me all this time," she tells him tearfully, adding, "I never want to see you again!"

When Lee walks out on Erica, she sobs dramatically to herself, hoping it will rouse the chivalrous instincts of David; and, it works.

David walks over and offers the slighted woman his napkin, but Erica refuses, telling him angrily, "I don't need your damn napkin," before walking away.

She surreptitiously calls Candace to ask what her next move should be. "Should I go back?" she asks her.

"Not tonight—he scares easily. Go back tomorrow and apologize. You did enough for today."

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