Katheryn sets up a meeting between DA Jennifer Sallison and Veronica, ostensibly to discuss barring Wyatt from his inheritance—which, if not blocked, Katheryn is sure will cause Wyatt to overdose again, perhaps fatally. When the DA refuses to renege on her decision to give Wyatt access to his inheritance, Katheryn asks her again. Jennifer refuses a second time, so Katheryn turns her attention to Veronica.

"You are here for two reasons," she tells Veronica. "One is that you are the greatest attorney in this country...You fear nothing and no one; You're like a cockroach. You're always lurking and hiding in the dark. But, today, Bitch, I'm going to teach you who to fear and how to fear, because you will fear me forever. I promise."

The DA begins to worry, seeing Katheryn's candid rage surface. Katheryn continues: "And the other reason is so you will willingly witness the fury that runs cold in my veins, because unlike you and Jim, I don't hire people to do my dirty work." After asking Jennifer one last time for Wyatt's inheritance, and Jennifer saying, "No" yet again, Katheryn does the unthinkable. She pulls out a pistol and fires several rounds into the DA's torso, killing her instantly.

Then, turning to Veronica, who is now fearing for her life, Katheryn gives her an option. "Now, it's your job to get me off," she tells her.

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