Angela Robinson

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Jeffery answers a phone call from his controlling mother who wants to know why he isn't at her house for his forced engagement party. After excusing Melissa from her presence, Veronica stops putting on airs with her son: "Get your ass home right now," she orders.

"Why the hell would I do that?" Jeffery asks his mother.

Veronica, who has been holding Jeffery's involvement in the murder of Quincy over his head, reminds him that if he doesn't do exactly as she says, she'll place a phone call to the DA regarding Quincy's disappearance, and the evidence that can be found in Candace's backyard—where the body is buried in a shallow grave.

What Veronica doesn't know is that the DA was already tipped off by Quita, and investigators were searching the house on a warrant at that very moment. When Veronica hears from her son about the search warrant, she tells him to come home immediately.

"Why the hell would I do that, Mom? You have no more cards to play," Jeffery reminds her.

But Veronica assures him that he's wrong about that: "I have the only card to play, son. You better know now that I may damn well be your only hope."

Jeffery refuses to take her bait, saying that he'd rather "take his chances," before telling his manipulative mother to "go to hell."

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