Phillip Boyd and Peter Parros

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David comes to Oscar for advice about Erica, a woman he continues to run into. There's something about her that David can't quite trust. Oscar, being a con artist himself, asks David about his interactions with the woman, so David tells him about the first time he saw her at the bar, crying after an argument with a man.

"Did you see her again?" Oscar asks.

"I saw her this morning. Her car had a flat tire," David tells him.

"Ah, red flag," says Oscar. David continues, telling Oscar that he tried to help her change the car tire, but the lug nuts were rusted, so he gave her a ride to work.

"Do you know where?" asks Oscar.

"Well, I know the name of the company," answers David. "It's Perrone, McCullough and Gilliam."

Oscar asks what the woman's name is, but David never got her name, nor did they exchange numbers. "I'm new at this," David explains to Oscar. Oscar, a professional con man, agrees to follow up on the woman who continues to run into David, as a precaution.

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