Shari Headly, Danielle Deadwyler, Tyler Lepley and Tika Sumpter

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Benny and Candace meet with DA Jennifer Sallison ostensibly to try and get the warrant that's out on Hanna dropped, but they end up in a much more troubling situation.

Jennifer begins to question the siblings about the whereabouts of Quincy, after Quita brought accusations and evidence against Candace to her office. "She said you killed him in your house, and she can't find him," Jennifer tells Candace.

Benny looks worried, but Candace tries to spin the situation in their favor. "Well, that's something a crackhead would say," she tells the DA.

Jennifer leaves the office momentarily, during which time Candace and Benny agree that they need to get out of there. But, before they can plan their escape, Jennifer returns; this time, with Quita.

"Oh, that's her. That's her right there," says Quita, indicating Candace. "She the one who did something to my brother! Had a stain on the floor at her house. And his phone was there—I tracked it. Took a picture and everything, just like I showed you."

The DA questions Candace about the discoloration on the floor in the picture, and Candace admits that it is her house, but the stain belongs to the previous owner, as she continues to play it cool.

Jennifer escorts Quita out of the room, but asks Candace and Benny to stay put until she returns.

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