Porsha Ferguson

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Zena approaches La Quita, hoping she'll forgive her, but La Quita refuses to let Zena off the hook. When one of Quincy's men discovers a wire on Zena, La Quita threatens to shoot her. Zena comes clean and admits that she's been working for Veronica Harrington. Quincy's men had broken into Veronica's house and retrieved the tapes Zena had given to her.

Now cornered and desperate, Zena explains how Veronica had Quincy released from jail, and how she was supposed to keep tabs on him. Veronica hoped that Quincy would take care of Candace for her. Quincy's men begin to suspect that Quincy might now be working for the DA.

La Quita is determined to find out where Quincy is, but Zena is a dead end. La Quita orders the men to dispose of the tapes—and of Zena.