Jeffery visits Candace, and the two comfort each other after all they've been through recently. He realizes that Candace has been crying and asks her what's bothering her. Candace confides in Jeffery about Quincy Jr. She's afraid to bring her son to her house with his father buried in the backyard, and she refuses to leave him in Hanna's care. Jeffery tries to convince her that Hanna might be what's best for him.

"I spoke to your mother and she walks in kindness," says Jeffery.

"Yeah, with everybody but me," Candace says.

Her mind is made up. Candace plans to give her son up for adoption.

"I'm so messed up, Jeffery," Candace says, "and I’m so broken."

At the hospital, Hanna, desperately worried for her grandson's welfare, steals away with Quincy Jr.