Tika Sumpter and Crysal Fox

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Hanna repeatedly calls Candace, hoping to convince her to pick up Quincy Jr. before he's sent to foster care. Hanna goes to confront her daughter, but runs into her nosy neighbor instead, who shows her a picture of Quincy going into Candace's house.

Candace arrives, and Hanna begs her to do the right thing for her son.

"Give him to me! Don't let him go into the system!" she pleads.

Hanna says she'll do anything if Candace agrees, and offers her what little money she has left.

"This won't even buy me a purse," Candace says with disdain. "I want more."

She throws the money back in her mother's face and orders her to leave, but before Hanna does, Candace has a second thought. If Hanna agrees to convince Benny to sue the Cryers, she will release Quincy Jr. to her. But Hanna refuses to manipulate Benny on Candace's behalf. Hanna is appalled that Candace would go this far, and finally decides to gives up on her daughter completely.