Tyler Lepley and Gavin Houston

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Benny shows up at Candace's house to manipulate Jeffery in order to get to his father. If Jeffery doesn't convince David to stop interfering with Benny's tow yard business, Benny threatens to tell him that Jeffery is gay. Just then, David calls Jeffery, concerned about what transpired between him and his mother.

"We really need to talk about your rage, son," David says. "There's nothing you can't tell me."

David wants Jeffery to stay away from Veronica, but he senses she has their son cornered. Jeffery changes the subject to Benny, explaining the threat that he's made against him. Benny didn't realize that David already knew his son was gay, but David still agrees to meet with him to settle things once and for all. After Benny leaves, David makes one final appeal for his son to confide in him about his mother, but Jeffery can't bring himself to involve his father further.

"I will do whatever I have to do to prove I love you," says David.

David tells Jeffery the good news about Wyatt being alive, and Jeffery is relieved. He plans to visit Wyatt while he's recovering at the hospital.