Nicholas James, Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

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At Candace's house, Jeffery tells Candace that he told Justin everything: He knows that Jeffery stabbed his mother. Justin explains that there isn't a warrant out for Jeffery's arrest, but Jeffery plans to turn himself in anyway.

While Jeffery and Justin wait to find out more about Veronica's condition, Candace surreptitiously calls Benny for backup. Benny tells her to leave right away, but Veronica knows about Quincy, so Candace wants to wait to find out more.

Candace pulls Jeffery aside to speak with him privately. She demands to know why he brought over a police officer and if he knows about Quincy. He assures her that Justin only knows about Veronica.

"Let me tell you how this works. You get his info—his weaknesses. You don't give up yours!" Candace tells him. "Get his ass out of her now."

Justin comes inside to tell them the news: Veronica is alive and on her way to the hospital. Candace orders Justin to leave, but Jeffery wants him to stay for support. Justin chooses to leave, not wanting Jeffery to mistake him for a friend. Once he's gone, Candace and Jeffery plan their next move anticipating Veronica will make hers against them soon.