Presilah Nunez and Philip Boyd

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When Erica spots Oscar at a restaurant, she calls Candace, who implores her not to lose sight of him. Candace is eager to catch up with her former lover after he conned her out of millions of dollars. While Erica waits for Grayson, her latest mark, she promises to do her best to keep an eye on Oscar.

Erica approaches Oscar at the bar and brazenly asks him out in front of his date. He turns her down, but she slips her card into his pocket before returning to her table. After Grayson arrives, Erica calls Candace back, explaining that Oscar is leaving and she won't be able to follow him. Erica hastily develops a plan: Before Oscar leaves, she bribes the valet to plant a tracking device under the seat in Oscar's car.

Later, Erica picks up Candace and fills her in on the plan. The ladies are able to track Oscar through Erica's phone, and they soon discover his car parked outside of Jim Cryer's headquarters.