Nicholas James

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Jeffery calls Justin at home, in the middle of the night, begging him to come over to his hotel room.

"I really need your help, " Jeffery says, "I don’t know who else to call. Please."

Justin ultimately agrees and climbs out of bed. His wife asks him where he's going so late at night, and he deceptively tells her that there was a homicide.

After Justin arrives at the hotel room, Jeffery has a shocking revelation:

"I think I killed my mother," he says. "I stabbed her in the heart."

Justin is stunned and asks him to explain exactly what happened. First, Jeffery wants reassurance that he's talking to his friend and lover and not to Officer Justin.

"If I wanted you busted, you'd be gone already," Justin tells him.

"She was saying such awful things to me. Before I knew it, the knife was in her chest," Jeffery explains.

Justin radios dispatch to check if there is a warrant out for Jeffery and they're both relieved to learn that there isn't. Jeffery breaks down in tears as he tells Justin that he just lost his best friend. Justin does his best to comfort him.

"It's gonna' be okay. I promise," Justin says, tenderly holding Jeffery's face between his hands.

Jeffery abruptly asks Justin to take him to Candace's house. "I need to show you something."