Shari Headly

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David goes to see the D.A. on Jim's behalf. He asks Jennifer to drop the charges against Jim considering everything the Cryers have been through recently, but she refuses. Jennifer starts asking questions about the circumstances surrounding Maggie's death, suspecting that Veronica was somehow involved. David realizes that Jennifer is angry at him for his involvement with Maggie and is only bringing this up out of jealousy and spite. He makes one final plea for her to end the case against Jim, but she won't budge.

Frustrated by her refusal, David turns to another matter: Jim requested that he ID his son's body, but it's still at the hotel, since the police need to rule out foul play. David is baffled by her investigation, but Jennifer thinks the Cryers are capable of anything, considering the lengths they've gone to in the past to cover their tracks. Jennifer drops another bomb: Amanda's case is also being looked at as a homicide, and she believes the Cryers are prime suspects. David asks to ID Wyatt's body at the hotel, but Jennifer declines since it's an active crime scene.

"The least you can let me do is let me confirm that it's Wyatt for his grieving parents," David tells her.

Jennifer finally relents and gives him the address. David immediately leaves for the hotel.