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"I think I killed my mother," says Jeffery when Candace answers his incoming call. "I stabbed her," he adds.

Candace, still trying to process what Jeffery is saying to her, asks Jeffery for more information on what exactly happened. "Did she say she was going to turn us in?" Candace wants to know.

Stumbling over his words out of sheer panic, Jeffery tells Candace that Veronica said nothing about turning them in to the police, but that knowing his mother, he's sure she will.

"Calm down," Candace says to Jeffery. "Where are you?" Jeffery is back at the hotel room he's been living in. When Candace asks him where the stabbing occurred, Jeffery tells her it happened at the Cryer household and that Katheryn and Candace's mom, Hanna, were both present. "My mother?" Candace asks perplexed. "Is she still working there?"

"Maybe she was there because of Wyatt," Jeffery tells her. He then fills Candace in on another sordid tragedy she hadn't yet caught wind of: "He died, Candace," Jeffery says, referring to Wyatt having OD’ed.

Candace tells terror-stricken Jeffery to sit tight until she can get to the hotel and they can figure out what needs to happen next in order to keep Veronica quiet about their crimes. Jeffery insists that instead they figure it out on the phone that instant, because he may not have an hour to spare if he gets arrested before Candace arrives.

"I need you to calm down," Candace tells Jeffery again and gives him instructions as to what the next step will be: "I'm going to have a friend call the hotel and get you a room. I'm going to leave the key under the name Erica Boyd. I'm going to need you to go and get those keys and switch rooms, all right? Just wait there. No one will know you're there."

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