Renee Lawless and Angela Robinson

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After incessant goading from his mother, Jeffery snaps and stabs her in the chest. As Veronica falls back into a chair, her mouth agape, Jeffery stares her down before slowly walking out of the house. Veronica is in shock.

"I can't believe he did this," she rasps.

Katheryn tries to calm her friend, who continues to stammer under her breath in stunned disbelief. Katheryn asks Hanna to call an ambulance but Hanna takes her time, unflustered and unsurprised by the turn of events. Veronica reaches for the knife to pull it out, but Katheryn stops her, concerned that it may cause too much blood loss. When Hanna talks to the dispatcher, she describes the incident as an accident.

"This was no accident," Veronica says. "He tried to kill me!"

Hanna admits that Veronica was stabbed but refuses to tell the dispatcher who did it. Veronica demands the phone, but Hanna won't give it to her. Hanna hangs up but assures Katheryn and Veronica that help is on the way.