When Jeffery and Veronica arrived at Katheryn's home to pay their respects to the mother who just lost her only son, they never anticipated the violence that would soon transpire.

Jeffery, still reeling from news of his best friend's death, cries beside Katheryn on the couch. As he does so, his unfeeling mother berates him for being overly sensitive. With each added verbal blow from Veronica, Jeffery's temper rises, until he tells her how much he'd love to hit her over the head with the wine bottle just within arm's reach. Even after the threat, Veronica continues to cut her son down, telling him that he doesn't have the heart it takes to fight her.

"You see, real men need heart to go to battle," Veronica sneers into her son's ear.

"I am a man," he says.

"A man who's sitting here crying over another man," Veronica says to him, getting to the real matter at hand: Veronica's intolerance of her son's sexual orientation.

"Look at all these women in this room. Do you see any of them behaving the way you're behaving right now?" Veronica screams at her son, indicating Katheryn and Hanna. "Now what does that tell you?"

"What should it tell me?" Jeffery asks, tiring of his mother's mania.

"It should tell you that you're out of line," she informs him. Veronica turns to Katheryn and Hanna. "Can you imagine? He wants to hit me in the head with a bottle," she says with disdain, adding, "That's like some kind of ghetto bitch in the club."

But Jeffery has had enough. He lunges not for the wine bottle but for the dinner knife lying nearby, and in a fit of rage, he plunges the blade into Veronica's chest. Her shocked eyes search his in disbelief, and Jeffery stares back with murderous resolve.

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