Tika Sumpter

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Candace meets Warlock at the rendezvous point and delivers him $2 million in cash. War tells her how close she came to losing Benny and that he's pleased she came through with the money. When Candace wonders whether they're square now, War reassures her that they are and Benny will be safe.

"Look, I keep my word. I'm not the one that lies. I do what I say I'm going to do," War tells her.

Candace thanks him for giving her more time to come up with the money and the two apologize to each other; yet, Candace is still tense, trying her best to placate the volatile War. Candace asks War whether he still plans to stop by her house unannounced. When War agrees to call her before he comes over from now on, Candace is relieved. As War drives away, Candace breaks down in tears in her car, finally feeling free of War's wrath.