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Jeffery tries his best to behave how his delusional mother, Veronica, has blackmailed him to act—that is to say, like a straight man—at least until he and his faux fiancée can plot a way to tear Veronica down without consequence. David shows up unexpectedly at Veronica's home, unknowingly crashing the young, unhappy couple's engagement party.

David is there to rescue his son from his estranged wife's evil clutches, not to celebrate Jeffery's farce of an engagement. Veronica asks David to leave if he's not willing to celebrate with them.

"I'm leaving, but I'm not leaving you here," David says to his son.

Although Jeffery would like nothing more than to leave his diabolical mother's home for good, he knows that Veronica's knowledge of his complicity in Quincy's murder could destroy his life. "I have to stay," Jeffery says defeatedly.

Just then, a phone call for Veronica disrupts the family dispute. It's Katheryn with news of Wyatt's death.

"Listen, I'm on my way over there. I'm coming over right now," Veronica says before hanging up.

"So much drama," she says, looking annoyed. "He's going to want to come with me," Veronica tells her estranged husband. She then breaks the news of Wyatt's death—without even a note of sympathy in her voice.

David runs off to the jail to check on his friend Jim, whose only remaining child has died, leaving Jeffery grief-stricken and in the company of his heartless mother, whose only prerogative is to force her son to be heterosexual by any means necessary.

"You've always got Melissa and the baby," she says to him.

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