Gavin Houston and Angela Robinson

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Although Jeffery has come out to his parents as gay, his mother, Veronica, refuses to accept her son's sexual orientation. She will do whatever it takes to force Jeffery into a heterosexual marriage in order to keep up appearances, even at the cost of her son's own well-being.

Jeffery's arranged bride, Melissa, arrives for dinner at his mother's home. Veronica has been manipulating the woman by being financially supportive of her in an attempt to have her as a daughter-in-law. "Did you get my check?" she asks the young woman, whose father had fallen gravely ill and needed money for treatment. "I hope it helps," Veronica adds, feigning compassion.

Veronica then forces Jeffery to behave romantically toward Melissa, even going so far as to demand that Jeffery kiss his "bride-to-be," which he does, though not to his manipulative mother's satisfaction. "You can do better than that, son," she tells him. When his second attempt falls short, she adds, "Well, we'll work on that."

Veronica then has Jeffery take Melissa upstairs to show her where Veronica plans to have the couple sleep. "Don't forget your box," she adds, referring to the engagement ring she bought to further her sadistic and controlling plan to have the cornered couple wed.

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