Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

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After her encounter with Pearl, Hanna is increasingly suspicious of Candace. When Hanna and Benny return home, she ponders her misgivings with Benny. Why did Pearl see Quincy go into Candace's house, and why didn't he come out? Benny knows the truth, but he tries to throw his mother off the scent.

Hanna presses on, wondering why Candace would let Quincy into the house in the first place. Benny tries to convince her to let it go, but this only deepens her suspicions about Candace and Benny.

Hanna is convinced he's hiding something, and she questions him about his involvement with Veronica. Benny maintains that his affair with her is over, and Hanna hopes, for his sake, that Benny is telling the truth.

"You are in the middle of fire if you are still messing around with that woman," she tells Benny. "She'll stoop to anything."

Finally, it occurs to Hanna that Candace might have rid herself of Quincy for good. Benny successfully persuades her against this notion. However, Hanna continues to speculate, worrying about Quincy Jr. and whether Candace might have given her son up to Quincy.