Kristian Kordula

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At the hotel bar, Jeffery runs into Landon, who has been drinking heavily and is visibly shaken. He frantically asks Jeffery whether Candace is with him. Jeffery assures Landon that she is not.

"How well do you know her?" Landon asks.

"I know she's trouble," Jeffery tells him. "Big trouble."

Landon explains how Oscar questioned him about Candace, and reveals how Candace threatened his life. Jeffery isn't surprised. He has been learning what his friend Candace is truly capable of.

Jeffery wonders why Landon is still in town, since the campaign is over, and Landon explains how Maggie Day is trying to salvage David's political career. After Jeffery's insistent questioning, Landon divulges that David is having an affair with Maggie.

"I want him to get with her," Jeffery says. "She makes him happy."

Landon propositions him, but Jeffery turns him down, telling him, coldly, that he's "had better" since him.

"Who are you now?" Landon says.

"Good question,” Jeffery says wearily.

Just then, Landon receives a message saying that Maggie has been shot and killed. Landon runs off in stunned disbelief as Jeffery follows after him.