Jon Chaffin and Tika Sumpter

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At the tow yard, Mitch's late-night tryst is interrupted when Warlock and Candace show up for their rendezvous. Mitch and his lover remain hidden as they watch the exchange from the back of his truck.

Candace tells Warlock she'll have his money in two days, but Warlock is enraged when she can't pay him right then. She explains that she's getting a loan from the bank, but he doesn't trust her, or believe that they would give her the money so quickly. War reminds Candace of the lengths he's gone to for her in the past—mentioning holding a federal judge in his basement for days as a case in point—while he's felt repeatedly betrayed by her.

"I'm trying to redeem myself," Candace says.

"How? How are you going do that? You lied!" War hisses back at her.

War reminds Candace of what's at stake: He doesn't want to hurt Benny, his lifelong friend, but he will kill Benny if she doesn't produce the money in two days. Mitch overhears all of this, and then watches in horror as War sexually assaults Candace.