Tika Sumpter

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After Jeffery leaves, Candace receives a call from a banker explaining that her request for a loan has been approved and that the approval is being fast-tracked. With Warlock’s threat looming near, Candace desperately needs to procure the large sum to pay him off, and is reassured by the promise of the loan. She calls Warlock to tell him she'll have his money in time, but he demands to see her in person at Benny's tow yard.

Back at the jail, Jim is meeting with his lawyer—who we soon learn has been impersonating the banker on Jim's behalf. Jim is orchestrating an elaborate scheme from jail to get back at Candace, having ensured the foreclosure on all of her properties.

"Take it, Lloyd, you take it all," Jim says sneeringly, "The tow yard, both houses—every damn thing she's got—you take it."