Jon Chaffin and Tika Sumpter

Warlock shows up at Candace's house, and he is on a rampage. He slaps Candace and tells her that he's changing the conditions of their agreement: She now has 48 hours to come up with the money or he's going to kill her.

Erica arrives while Warlock is threatening Candace and, after he leaves, Erica explains that she's met Warlock before but, luckily, he didn't seem to recognize her. Warlock was the man who mutilated her sister, Jasmine, when she didn't pay him back $700. Erica convinces Candace to mortgage the houses and the tow yard to get enough money to pay Warlock.

When Erica learns that Candace plans to pick up her son and bring him home, she protests, believing it would be irresponsible and dangerous with Warlock's threat looming. Erica tries to convince Candace to leave Quincy, Jr. with her mother, but she refuses.

"Just know that that is your ego talking. Not your heart," Erica tells her. "We're not parents, Candace. We know that."
Shari Headley and Renee Lawless

Katheryn goes straight to DA Jennifer Sallison's office, in a rage, as soon as she finds out that Jennifer was responsible for releasing Wyatt's inheritance to him. Katheryn accuses Jennifer of putting her son in danger by giving him the resources to access lethal amounts of illegal drugs.

"I gave a witness funds to protect himself against you," Jennifer retorts.

"You keep telling yourself that," says Katheryn, who sees right through Jennifer's do-gooder attitude.

Jennifer tells Katheryn that Wyatt needed to pass a drug test before he could access his inheritance and that he had been found clean of narcotics. Katheryn lobs the packaging of a urine purifier at the DA. "That is how he passed all of his drug tests," snarls Katheryn.

Katheryn proceeds to overtly threaten the high-ranking attorney. If anything should happen to Wyatt, neither Jennifer nor her family will be safe from Katheryn's wrath.

"I am not a nice woman when I have been crossed, Jennifer," warns Katheryn.

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Tika Sumpter, Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

At Candace's house, Hanna shows up hoping to ask her daughter about Quincy, Jr. She finds Candace and Benny meeting with a lawyer, as they consider suing the Cryers for the hit-and-run incident. Hanna demands that the lawyer leave and is furious that her children are considering the lawsuit. Hanna tries to convince Benny not to sue, reminding him that Katheryn paid all of his medical bills. Candace tells Benny that their mother knew Wyatt hit him all along, but Hanna denies it. Benny hasn't made up his mind about the lawsuit yet, but Hanna presses on, telling him how Candace bought the houses and the tow yard after blackmailing Jim Cryer for $7.4 million.

After saying her piece about the lawsuit, Hanna gets down on her knees and begs her daughter to let her raise Quincy, Jr.

"That baby has never had a normal life," Hanna says. "I can give him a life. Please let that baby be with me."

"I would let strangers in foster care raise him before I let you get your hands on him," Candace replies.

Hanna slaps Candace, Candace slaps her back and a fight breaks out between the mother and daughter until Benny pulls the two apart.

"I came here to beg for your baby. And even though you hit me—your own mother—I will still beg for him."
Angela Robinson and Tika Sumpter

Veronica invites herself into Candace's house, where her son Jeffery has been staying. Still unwilling to accept that Jeffery is gay, Veronica continues to push an arranged relationship with a woman on him. "I want you and Melissa to move in with me until the wedding," she insists, leading Jeffery to believe that his mother has finally lost touch with reality.

Veronica then proceeds to calmly open a water bottle and sprinkle liquid all over the floor around her, causing Candace to demand that Veronica leave the house immediately. Veronica smirkingly leaves the property, but not before reminding Jeffery that she expects to see him the following day when he moves back in with her.

Candace and Jeffery are left bewildered, wondering what the purpose of Veronica's demonstration could have been. "Do you think it's poison?" asks Jeffery, but Candace knows Veronica is smarter than that. Suddenly, Candace's law-school education kicks into gear and she asks Jeffery to turn off the lights.

A phosphorescent substance glows where Quincy's blood was once spattered. "It's luminol...a chemical that detects blood," explains Candace.

Jeffery begins to panic: "What?! How does she know?"

"I don't know, but she knows," responds Candace.

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Aaron O'Connell

At Wyatt's hotel room, Wyatt's friends discover him unconscious and unresponsive and suspect he may have overdosed. They're not certain if he is alive or dead, but rather than risk getting into trouble, they all flee the hotel room, abandoning Wyatt.

Hours later, hotel security finds Wyatt still unconscious on the bed. They check him for a pulse, but detect nothing.
Angela Robinson

Now that Veronica knows there's an assassin waiting inside her house with orders to kill the first person who walks through the door, Veronica orchestrates a plot not only to evade her own death, but to turn the bullet on Maggie Day.

She invites Maggie over, with the pretense of giving her vital information about David. At the same time, Veronica calls the police to report a prowler in her neighbor's yard.

Just as she unlocks the front door, prompting the assassin to get on his mark, the officer pulls up and Veronica goes to speak with him. Just then, Maggie Day unwittingly shows up to a potentially lethal situation.

"Go on in, I'll be there in just a second," urges Veronica, with a smile.

As Veronica continues to speak with the officer, Maggie walks to the front door and opens it. She sees the assassin, but before Maggie can do anything about it, a shot is fired at close range.

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