Tika Sumpter, Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

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At Candace's house, Hanna shows up hoping to ask her daughter about Quincy, Jr. She finds Candace and Benny meeting with a lawyer, as they consider suing the Cryers for the hit-and-run incident. Hanna demands that the lawyer leave and is furious that her children are considering the lawsuit. Hanna tries to convince Benny not to sue, reminding him that Katheryn paid all of his medical bills. Candace tells Benny that their mother knew Wyatt hit him all along, but Hanna denies it. Benny hasn't made up his mind about the lawsuit yet, but Hanna presses on, telling him how Candace bought the houses and the tow yard after blackmailing Jim Cryer for $7.4 million.

After saying her piece about the lawsuit, Hanna gets down on her knees and begs her daughter to let her raise Quincy, Jr.

"That baby has never had a normal life," Hanna says. "I can give him a life. Please let that baby be with me."

"I would let strangers in foster care raise him before I let you get your hands on him," Candace replies.

Hanna slaps Candace, Candace slaps her back and a fight breaks out between the mother and daughter until Benny pulls the two apart.

"I came here to beg for your baby. And even though you hit me—your own mother—I will still beg for him."