Shari Headley and Renee Lawless

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Katheryn goes straight to DA Jennifer Sallison's office, in a rage, as soon as she finds out that Jennifer was responsible for releasing Wyatt's inheritance to him. Katheryn accuses Jennifer of putting her son in danger by giving him the resources to access lethal amounts of illegal drugs.

"I gave a witness funds to protect himself against you," Jennifer retorts.

"You keep telling yourself that," says Katheryn, who sees right through Jennifer's do-gooder attitude.

Jennifer tells Katheryn that Wyatt needed to pass a drug test before he could access his inheritance and that he had been found clean of narcotics. Katheryn lobs the packaging of a urine purifier at the DA. "That is how he passed all of his drug tests," snarls Katheryn.

Katheryn proceeds to overtly threaten the high-ranking attorney. If anything should happen to Wyatt, neither Jennifer nor her family will be safe from Katheryn's wrath.

"I am not a nice woman when I have been crossed, Jennifer," warns Katheryn.

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