Jon Chaffin and Tika Sumpter

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Warlock shows up at Candace's house, and he is on a rampage. He slaps Candace and tells her that he's changing the conditions of their agreement: She now has 48 hours to come up with the money or he's going to kill her.

Erica arrives while Warlock is threatening Candace and, after he leaves, Erica explains that she's met Warlock before but, luckily, he didn't seem to recognize her. Warlock was the man who mutilated her sister, Jasmine, when she didn't pay him back $700. Erica convinces Candace to mortgage the houses and the tow yard to get enough money to pay Warlock.

When Erica learns that Candace plans to pick up her son and bring him home, she protests, believing it would be irresponsible and dangerous with Warlock's threat looming. Erica tries to convince Candace to leave Quincy, Jr. with her mother, but she refuses.

"Just know that that is your ego talking. Not your heart," Erica tells her. "We're not parents, Candace. We know that."