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At Candace's house, Officer Justin continues to harass Jeffery until Candace comes home. Justin tells her about the break-in, but she claims that she and Quita are friends and that it was all just a misunderstanding—reinforcing Quita's testimony.

After Justin leaves, Jeffery explains that Quita was looking for Quincy, and he demands to know what Candace did with his body, but she refuses to tell him. While Jeffery searches for his keys, Candace's friend Erica arrives and asks for an update about Warlock. Erica thinks Candace should ask Benny to take out a mortgage on the tow yard so she can pay back Warlock before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Jeffery discovers that his phone is buried in Candace's backyard, which makes Candace increasingly skittish and evasive. After Erica leaves, Jeffery threatens to dig it up, and Candace finally admits that the keys are buried with Quincy's body.
Tika Sumpter

Jeffery discovers that Quincy's body never made it beyond the backyard. With Justin threatening to investigate their suspicious behavior if Jeffery doesn't comply with his aggressive advances, Candace sees only one way out: Jeffery needs to use Justin's twisted lust to his advantage.

"This is our freedom, Jeffery," Candace says.

Jeffery refuses to have anything to do with Justin. "He put a gun to my head," he says.

"Your first time?" Candace says with a sneer. She sarcastically welcomes Jeffery to the "club." Having been threatened with death on too many occasions, Candace has precious little sympathy for Jeffery's mewling, and her face shows it.

"Do you know how many men I had to sleep with, who were hideous, to get ahead?" Candace says. As she sees it, Jeffery has no choice. He will use Officer Justin so that they can avoid a lifetime behind bars.

"He is crazy," Jeffery tells Candace.

"Then you be crazier," she says. Candace tells him that he must do it, and turns to leave. She needs to speak with Benny. However, she doesn't take more than a few steps toward the door before Jeffery calls her back.



"I can't."

"You will." Candace's face turns to stone, and she turns and walks away.

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Angela Robinson

A hit man hides in Veronica's home, waiting for her to return so he can carry out his orders to shoot the first person to walk through the door. The sordid plot to end her life was revealed to Veronica while she was in jail, and now she intends to use this newly acquired information not only to evade death but also to use it to her advantage.

"Dial Maggie Day," she speaks into her smartphone as she sits parked in front of her house.

When Maggie picks up, Veronica quickly gets to the point. "I know you planted the picture," she says, referring to the photo of her and Benny in flagrante delicto, which was leaked to the press and created a scandal.

"Yes, I did," Maggie says.

Then Veronica does something uncharacteristic: She thanks Maggie. "You did something I never had the strength to do," Veronica says, feigning gratitude. She tells Maggie that she's relieved that her marriage is finally over, but she insists that there is information about David that Maggie ought to know.

"I have some things that are too sensitive to share over the phone," Veronica says. "Can you meet me house?"

Maggie sounds taken aback, but she agrees to meet Veronica at her home in a couple of hours. Veronica hangs up, starts the car and erupts in evil laughter as she pulls away.

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Tika Sumpter and Tyler Lepley

At the tow yard, Candace tells Benny that he shouldn't go into business with Warlock. However, before she can explain further, she finds out Warlock is already there. Before Warlock leaves, he covertly threatens Candace again.

"Don't try anything," he tells her.

Candace hopes that she can convince Benny to sue the Cryers now that he knows Wyatt was the one who hit him, but Benny wants to put the incident behind him. She keeps pushing, but Benny is resistant, so, instead, she turns to the mortgage idea. She tells him that she needs to mortgage her house as well as the tow yard and his house. Benny refuses and demands to know why she needs the money.

"Are you in trouble?" he asks. "Candace, who is it? I'll kill them!"

Once Candace realizes that he won't consider a mortgage unless she comes clean, she deflects and plays it off as a joke. Pivoting back to the lawsuit, she explains that a lawyer told her Benny could get a $10 million settlement, so he finally agrees to consider it and meet with the lawyer.
Hanna and Allyah from 'The Haves and The Have Nots'

When Hanna attempts to visit Quincy Jr. at the hospital, she discovers that she no longer has custody of her grandson. Allyah, Quincy Jr.'s child welfare caseworker, informs Hanna that they decided to side with Candace.

"She got to you, didn't she?" Hanna says. "Look at me. You can't even look me in my eyes."

Allyah claims that she's doing what is best for Quincy Jr. Hanna doesn't buy it and questions her about the large bruise on her face, but Allyah won't admit that Candace had something to do with it. To add insult to injury, Hanna learns that even though Candace hasn't come to collect Quincy Jr. yet, she's not allowed to see her grandson.
Danielle Deadwyler

Veronica finds an unlikely ally in LaQuita Maxwell. Veronica manages to spring her from jail after Quita reveals that she may have life-or-death information about Veronica. As Quita walks out into the parking lot, Veronica gets her attention from the back of a sleek, black limousine.

"What's this about me not going home?" Veronica says.

"Your husband set up a hit on you," Quita says.

Veronica is skeptical; David doesn't even have her current address.

"He's at your house right now," Quita says, referring to the hired assassin. "He's got orders to shoot whoever walks through the door first."

Quita says she knows about the hit because one of her men was hired to do it. However, Veronica still doesn't know why Quita has been so forthcoming with her.

"I need your help," Quita says. She explains how she's been looking for her missing brother, Quincy. When she traced him to Candace's house, Quita says, she found evidence of foul play.

"Your son and Candace did something to my brother," Quita says, her voice quivering with a mixture of fury and anguish.

Veronica agrees to call Quita's home number later for Candace's address, and then she dismisses Quita, calling for her driver and rolling up her window.

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