Veronica finds an unlikely ally in LaQuita Maxwell. Veronica manages to spring her from jail after Quita reveals that she may have life-or-death information about Veronica. As Quita walks out into the parking lot, Veronica gets her attention from the back of a sleek, black limousine.

"What's this about me not going home?" Veronica says.

"Your husband set up a hit on you," Quita says.

Veronica is skeptical; David doesn't even have her current address.

"He's at your house right now," Quita says, referring to the hired assassin. "He's got orders to shoot whoever walks through the door first."

Quita says she knows about the hit because one of her men was hired to do it. However, Veronica still doesn't know why Quita has been so forthcoming with her.

"I need your help," Quita says. She explains how she's been looking for her missing brother, Quincy. When she traced him to Candace's house, Quita says, she found evidence of foul play.

"Your son and Candace did something to my brother," Quita says, her voice quivering with a mixture of fury and anguish.

Veronica agrees to call Quita's home number later for Candace's address, and then she dismisses Quita, calling for her driver and rolling up her window.

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