Crystal Fox and Aaron O'Connell

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At the Cryer mansion, Hanna finds Wyatt passed out with a prostitute. Hanna demands that the woman leave and that Wyatt pull himself together. Wyatt insults Hanna repeatedly and reveals that his parents are in jail—and that she's out of a job.

Wyatt questions why Hanna has continued to work for them, having witnessed his family's wrongdoing. Hanna believes there's still hope for Wyatt if he seeks forgiveness and redemption, and she tries to get through to him.

Wyatt finally comes clean to Hanna about the hit-and-run, and she is grateful to have her conscious cleared for exposing him to the district attorney when she was uncertain. She warns him that while he may have immunity from legal ramifications, he still needs to atone for what he's done.

"You have no idea how God works," Hanna says. "You reap what you sow."