Tika Sumpter

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At Candace's house, Candace shares a drink with an old friend and asks her for advice about her current dilemma. Candace explains how Oscar manipulated her and stole her money, and how she suspects that Jim put him up to it. Her friend points out that Jim doesn't typically involve himself in small-time affairs, so the two try to deduce who was really behind it.

First, Candace suspects Landon was involved since he was the one who did the background check on Oscar, which supposedly cleared his name. Candace also recalls that Quincy Jr.'s child welfare caseworker pressured her to prove how much money she had in her account. This gave Oscar the opportunity to obtain Candace's account information and steal all her money.

Candace is determined to take down Oscar—and plans to start with the welfare worker who she's now convinced was involved. "I am going to tear his heart out," Candace says. "I have to find that bastard."