Tika Sumpter, Aaron O'Connell and Gavin Houston

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At the Cryer mansion, Jeffery confronts Wyatt about the immunity deal and everything that has transpired concerning their parents. Jeffery thinks Wyatt is in over his head, knowing far too well what his mother is capable of. However, now that Wyatt has access to his inheritance, he believes he'll get away scot-free and rid himself of his family for good.

Jeffery is still rattled by Quincy's death and is on the verge of confessing to Wyatt when Candace arrives. She quickly learns that Jeffery was at the police station, and prods him about what he might have told the authorities. Wyatt reveals the details of the hit-and-run incident and explains that Jeffery was at the station because of his involvement.

"I can't believe you," Candace says.

"You know what I can't believe? Is how screwed up my life has been ever since I met you," Jeffery says. "None of this would have happened if it wasn't for you."

Jeffery tells Candace that he doesn't want anything to do with her ever again, but before she leaves, Candace ensures that Jeffery won't go to the police by reminding him that he was actively involved in Quincy's death.