Benny heads to his sister's house to confront her about where she got the money to buy two houses, one of which she gave to him. Hanna won't move in with Benny—despite being without a home and on the brink of financial ruin—until Candace comes clean about how she came by such a large sum of money. Unwilling to invite her brother inside, Candace insists upon talking outside on the doorstep.

"Give me something to bring to her," Benny says. "Candace, how did you get the money for this place and all this stuff?"

Angered by her brother's ambush, Candace tells him she's tired and isn't in the mood to talk about it. She tries to retreat into her house, but Benny pushes his way in against her will.

"I want to talk about this," he demands as Candace tries to physically obstruct him from coming inside any farther.

When he gets as far as the entranceway to the living room, however, Benny sees exactly why Candace hadn't wanted him in her house: Quincy's blood-drenched body lying lifelessly on the floor.

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