Brett Davis and Tyler Lepley

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Business is booming at Benny's tow yard, but the huge volume of work is proving to be more than a one-man job. Benny needs help immediately, so he asks his two close friends Mitch and Warlock to help him out. Although they aren't Benny's most reputable acquaintances, he trusts them. Plus, he hopes that if the trio can make the towing business a success, Mitch and War would finally have legitimate work—and might even turn over a new leaf.

Before they can focus on the business, however, Benny needs his two friends to get past the bad blood between them.

Mitch, seizing his opportunity once he and Benny are alone, levels with his friend that War is not one to be trusted. "That dude don't do nothin' for nothin'," Mitch says, adding, "Watch him."

"It's funny you say that," Benny says. "He actually said the same thing about you. ... For some reason, he don't trust you."

The men agree to disagree, but Mitch tells Benny that he'll be watching Warlock like a hawk.

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