Back at the jailhouse, Jennifer attempts to sow discord between the Cryers and the Harringtons by delivering something special to their jail cells: a newspaper exposing Veronica's affair.

Veronica immediately realizes that it was Maggie who sold her out in order to get to David. Katheryn is taken aback by the photo of Veronica in the arms of another man, and she questions Veronica about who he is. Veronica is very resistant and snaps at Katheryn, but eventually she promises to tell her once they have a moment alone.

Meanwhile, after Jim and David receive the newspaper, Jim realizes that Maggie is looking to prop up David in the hopes that he'll run for governor. David denies having any knowledge of Maggie's plans. Jim shows David the newspaper with the implicating photo of Veronica, and questions David’s commitment to his wife, who has betrayed him yet again.

"That's your Veronica," Jim says.