Aaron O'Connell

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To coax Wyatt into testifying against his parents in court, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison pulls some strings so that Wyatt can access his $12 million inheritance early—if he can prove he has been successfully rehabilitated from his drug addiction. Wyatt promises the DA that he's turned over a new leaf and will provide evidence of his sobriety.

A short while later, Wyatt is visited by an old friend, Pete, who shows up at his house to make a trade: Wyatt gets forged rehab documents and a substance that will clear his system of any traces of drugs, and Pete gets his parents' credit cards.

Pete has also brought him a small bag of white powder, but Wyatt sees that he's carrying a much larger brick of the narcotic. Old habits die hard, and Wyatt demands the lot.

"Wyatt, that's 80 grand. If I don't pay the guy that gave it to me, he's going to kill me, and then he's going to kill you," the dealer says.

Already counting his chickens before they've hatched, Wyatt tells Pete not to worry. "You'll get the money. Don't you trust me?"

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