Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

Just as Candace and Jeffery are about to get rid of Quincy's corpse—after stabbing him to death in self-defense—they get an unexpected visitor who might foil their daring plan before it even begins: a police officer. Jeffery starts to panic, worrying the cop is there to investigate the altercation with Quincy.

"Snap out of it, Jeffery!" says Candace, who needs Jeffery's cooperation if they want to avoid being brought up on murder charges.

As it turns out, the cop is there on account of Candace's nosy neighbor, who has been spying on her ever since she moved in to the neighborhood. The neighbor called the police to report Quincy's illegally parked car, and now the officer has requested that Candace move the car while he waits. Candace and Jeffery must go through Quincy's blood-drenched pockets to find his car keys, and a traumatized Jeffery will have to stay calm and move Quincy's car as though it were his own—all under the watchful eye of the cop.

What could go wrong?

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Candace Young and police officer

Jeffery is able to pull himself together enough to go out to Quincy's car while Candace attempts to distract the police officer. Jeffery makes his way to the vehicle only to discover it has stick shift—which he has no clue how to drive.

While Jeffery struggles to get the car started, Candace learns that the neighborhood busybody is the officer's mother, and she's been sharing the particulars of Candace's goings-on with her son.

When Jeffery finally gets the car running, he manages to pull away, but his erratic driving further stokes the officer's suspicions. Candace attempts to seduce the officer in order to stall him, but he quickly sees through her ruse and leaves to pursue Jeffery.
Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

Benny visits Hanna and Quincy Jr. at the motel they've been living at since Quincy burned down Hanna's house. Once again, he urges Hanna to move in with him, but she steadfastly refuses to live in the house that Candace bought for him. Hanna orders Benny to leave, but he won't go until his mother hears him out.

"No one loves you like I do," Benny tells her. "I didn't tell you the truth because I was trying to protect you."

Hanna questions how Candace obtained millions of dollars to pay for the house as well as the tow yard. She's convinced that her daughter could only have acquired that much money so quickly through illicit means. Benny explains that he's examined the deeds and found out that the house and the tow yard were paid for in full and in cash. Hanna finally agrees to move into Benny's house with Quincy Jr., but only if Benny can get Candace to admit the whole truth about where she got the money.

"What I want to know is how much blood is on that money," Hanna says. "Until she tells me, I'm not coming to that house."
Angela Robinson and Renee Lawless

Katheryn has had a lot of time for reflection while cooling her heels behind bars with Veronica. She begins to see patterns of anger and withdrawal in Wyatt's behavior that make her think that he may have been assaulted while he was in jail. She even begins to wonder whether Jim has been keeping some awful secret from her about Wyatt's time in prison.

Katheryn vows to learn the truth—and to make Jim pay if she finds out he let something terrible happen to Wyatt on his watch. Knowing that an investigation into what happened to Wyatt in jail could very well lead right to her doorstep, Veronica tries to convince her cellmate that she's overreacting, and tells Katheryn not to bother Jim with this trivial concern when he's already going through such a difficult time.

"Veronica, when have you ever cared about what Jim is going through?" says Katheryn, who is growing suspicious of her best friend's motives.

Did Veronica, the ever-cunning attorney, just manage to incriminate herself?

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Peter Parros and Shari Headley

District Attorney Jennifer Sallison asks to speak privately with David, who is still in jail with Jim, awaiting criminal charges. Once alone in an interrogation room, Jennifer offers David immunity if he testifies against the others. David, the loyal husband and friend, refuses to take the deal, leading Jennifer to up the ante.

"Okay. I will let her walk, but you give me Jim Cryer," she says, offering to spare both him and Veronica.

When David refuses again, Jennifer appeals to his passions by reminding him of their steamy affair. Jennifer still carries a torch for David and lets her feelings for him get the best of her, suddenly straddling David and forcefully kissing him.

David, whose hands are cuffed behind his back, repeatedly tells her to stop. "Stop it, Jennifer! Stop this!" he finally yells, adding, "You are not this kind of woman."

The DA regains her composure. One last time, she offers the deal to David. Again, he rejects it, and she calls for the officer outside the interrogation room to take him back to his cell to await his fate.

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Jeffery Harrington and police officer

As a desperate and despairing Jeffery makes his way to Wyatt’s place in Quincy’s car, the officer who questioned Candace tracks him down and pulls him over. Jeffery admits that the car isn't his, telling him that he borrowed it from a friend. The skeptical officer orders him out of the car and questions him about why he left Candace's house and where he is headed. When Jeffery fails a sobriety test, the officer arrests him and notices blood on his sleeve as he cuffs him. Jeffery pleads to be let go, but the officer can see how intoxicated and unhinged Jeffery is and is determined to take him in.