Peter Parros and Shari Headley

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District Attorney Jennifer Sallison asks to speak privately with David, who is still in jail with Jim, awaiting criminal charges. Once alone in an interrogation room, Jennifer offers David immunity if he testifies against the others. David, the loyal husband and friend, refuses to take the deal, leading Jennifer to up the ante.

"Okay. I will let her walk, but you give me Jim Cryer," she says, offering to spare both him and Veronica.

When David refuses again, Jennifer appeals to his passions by reminding him of their steamy affair. Jennifer still carries a torch for David and lets her feelings for him get the best of her, suddenly straddling David and forcefully kissing him.

David, whose hands are cuffed behind his back, repeatedly tells her to stop. "Stop it, Jennifer! Stop this!" he finally yells, adding, "You are not this kind of woman."

The DA regains her composure. One last time, she offers the deal to David. Again, he rejects it, and she calls for the officer outside the interrogation room to take him back to his cell to await his fate.

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