Allison McAtee and Kristian Kordula

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Back at campaign headquarters, Maggie conspires with Landon to protect David from the fallout of the hit-and-run cover-up. She orders Landon to leak a fabricated story to the press explaining that David was not involved and that Jim is solely to blame for the crime.

Landon reluctantly agrees, but just as he's about to put her plan into motion, Maggie resolves to take it one step further and implicate Veronica as well. She hopes to convince everyone that Veronica knew about Jim's conspiracy and, what's more, is involved in her own torrid affair.

Landon is mystified by her request and suspects Maggie of having an affair with David. Although she admits to having feelings for David, Maggie insists that they are not sleeping together. Landon asks how she plans to convince the press, and Maggie produces a condemning photo of Veronica in a compromising position with one of her clients. Landon warns her that she's playing with fire and will incur the wrath of two formidable and ruthless adversaries, but Maggie seems unfazed and resolute.

"He'll thank me in the long run,” Maggie says. "I will get him the Governor's Mansion. Maybe even the White House."